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Ways to get Low Risk when Shopping online

Ask around your workplace how many people shopped online this year compared with last year. In most cases the response will indicate an increase. The trend to purchase from a mobile device is also increasing rapidly. People are buying products as they travel to and from work on public transport. How good is that? It will save more time. Online shopping is convenient!

The "negative vibes" about online buying continue to be heard. They talk about security, products never being delivered, long delays in processing, poor after sales service and other risks. However, remember, more and more people are buying online so the risks should be reducing. Even so, according to recent research, only one in four buyers consider the risks of buying online!

So, how does one reduce the risk when buying online?

The first risk minimizing strategy is to deal with reputable sellers. Several clues will tell you that you are likely to have found one. See that they have clear contact methods (so you can contact them either for thank them or raise a dispute), have a clear and fair returns policy (to sort out problems if they should arise), have a stated privacy policy (to safeguard your details), provide secure payment processes (so that your money is safe), have an appropriate shipping policy (so that you have comfort that your products will arrive) and have a history of positive feedback from previous buyers (to show that the seller has been providing the level of service that you expect). Above all, check that the seller documents their processes and that these processes meet expectations.

The second risk minimizing strategy is to review the website. The website will have listings of products. Check that the descriptions are clear and they match the image. Good sites have a way of enlarging the image, either by hovering or clicking. You need to see the detail. Check the site for evidence of secure payments (certificates and padlocks). Look for third-party payment systems like Paypal, Alertpay, Paymate or equivalent. These payment methods are significantly less risky than giving credit card details to a site. If the website looks shabby, take extra precautions, as any buyer would take when entering a shabby brick and mortar store.

Millions of people are buying online. The number of sellers is also increasing. The reputable seller will work on improving the buyer's experience and the astute buyer will hold the sellers responsible. Take a little time to get comfort and the buying experience will be fun, safe and stress-free. Enjoy low risks when shopping online!