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Making Money Online

Every man's dream is to make a lot of wealth and in order to make a wealth, it is a known fact that you need to invest a lot of wealth. No business is free of investment. Investment in the form of money is one of the pre-requisite for any business. Other investments are in the form of time and effort. So is it really possible to make money online without investment?

A poor man's business is built on dreams. He doesn't have the capital to invest and start a business. So his imagination is around starting a business without any investment.
This imagination is finally becoming true on the internet. You can now start an online business without any investment and make money online.

So what is an online business and how can it be done without investment?

An online business is a business that is done on the internet. The medium of interaction between the business and the customers is the internet. There are millions and trillions of products and services that are sold on the internet everyday.
With the advent of technology and the growth of the internet, the world has shrunk and business now has no boundaries. Someone in the United States can now sell online to someone who is staying in Philippines. This has opened up opportunities for everyone around the world.

You will have to invest a bit of time and lot of efforts if you are to build an online business. An online business requires you to be consistent and persistent in your efforts. Why doesn't an internet marketing business require any monetary investment?

Let us first look at what is required for an internet marketing business -

1) A website
2) A product to sell
3) Acquire customers willing to buy
4) Payment engine to charge customers

You will not need another thing to run an online business. And the fact of the matter is that you will not need to invest a single penny on any of the above things.
Creating a website is a matter of a few clicks these days. There are thousands of sites that let you create webpages and complete websites. Site like, will let you create a one page site on any topic and you can promote your product on this page.Some other sites like and let you create entire websites in the form of blogs. You can sell whatever you want on these websites.
What product will you sell? The easiest product to sell is an information product. People are looking for solutions to their problems and it is extremely easy to create an information product offering a solution to these problems.

So that shows how you can make money online without investment.